Medewerker Operationele techniek (BOL2)

Wientjens B.V.
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We Dutch have a long history of managing the power of water… we conquered the water around our country many generations ago and are now renowned worldwide for our water management skills. Wientjens The Dutch Water Company, firmly rooted within this tradition, brings very special innovation to water management. Just as the Dutch long ago harnessed the seas, so we make water work for you in cleaning textiles.

At Wientjens we strive to innovate. And we innovate in order to assist you, our customer, and to make sure that you get the products you want and need. Wientjens has been serving the industrial laundry market for more than 50 years so that our vision on textile cleaning is clear and long term.

Our products range from leather cleaning and degreasing machines to industrial dry cleaning machines, laundry wastewater treatment, energy and water saving products which recycle wash-water using disc filter cleaning and reverse osmosis. Our machines can enable your industrial laundry to operate without steam.